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Welcome to Dance Oasis Studio, the National Capital Region’s Premiere Egyptian Oriental Dance Studio. Also known popularly as Belly Dance, this dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region. Our specialized and unique studio offers multiple levels of the Egyptian style.

The word "oasis" describes a place of rest, relaxation and renewal where one can forget the cares of everyday life; the Oasis provides everything needed for life to flourish amongst the harsh desert climate.

Dance Oasis is the only school devoted completely to Baladi, also known as Belly Dance, in the Ottawa Gatineau region. Like everyone, we had to adopt to the unforeseen event of Covid. Despite ups and downs, our qualified teachers kept their promises by contributing to your baladi dance development and by keeping you fit. To our faithful participants, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, motivation and above all your passion of the dance.

You have many questions regarding our Baladi dance classes?

· What is Baladi dance
· What are the health and well being benefits
· Is it possible for me to learn Baladi dance if I have never danced before
· I have already done Baladi dance, which level should I take
· What about the age
· How much does it cost, is there a class schedule …

Native Egyptian dance masters Denise and Ahmed Enan welcome you to enjoy dance classes with the region’s very best Oriental dance instructors.

It is with great pride that we present the Oasis Dance Studio new schedule.  Enjoy our classes for 8 weeks (one session)!
Cost for one hour and a half classes, $135
Cost for one hour classes, $125
Registrations are on, hurry!

Contact Denise Enan at:

819-962-2645 or 819-776-5033

or email at oasisbaladi@gmail.com

Download the new schedule

open house

GOOD NEWS ! Dance Oasis is opening it’s doors especially for you! In addition to answering all your questions, you can take a free trial class in person or on zoom. In addition to answering all your questions, you'll be able to enjoy a free trial class in person or online on Zoom. Come and dance, it's free!

Contact Denise Enan now at 819-962-2645 or by email at oasisbaladi@gmail.com to reserve your place on Saturday August 13 from 10 AM to 11:30 or Monday August 15 from 6PM to 7:30 PM. Everyone is welcome!

Don’t miss our Fall schedule which will be posted on social media, as well as our newsletter in the coming weeks!

The management and teachers of Dance Oasis wish you a great summer. Enjoy!

A certificate for a trial class, or even better, a full session (8 classes) in oriental dance will enchant, motivate, and captivate the lucky recipient. Let the Oasis dance studio awaken the senses of a person who is close to you, it is magic!

For more information and to order your gift certificate ($20. trial class or $120. for a full session), contact Denise Enan at 819-962-2645 or 819-776-5033 or by email at oasisbaladi@gmail.com. Visit http://baladi.ca/ for more information about our dance school.

Video: Welcome to Studio Oasis.

Bring a friend and get a discount on your session*:

  • 1 friend = 10%
  • 2 friends = 20%
  • 3 friends = 30%
  • 4 friends = 50%
  • 5 friends = Free session!

* The discount is only to the person recruiting and at payment of the session on the first class.

Denise Enan, as member of Firqa Kawmeya,
with Egyptian dancing horse; mid-1960s.


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