The very best Belly Dance school in Ottawa-Gatineau offering multi-level weekly classes, mini-workshops, and private and semi-private lessons in Oriental dance and Egyptian folkloric dance. 

Please call 819-962-2645 or 819-776-5033 to reserve your spot in the class of your choice. 

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Bring a friend and get a discount on your session*:

  • 1 friend  = 10%
  • 2 friends = 20%
  • 3 friends = 30%
  • 4 friends = 50%
  • 5 friends = Free session!

* The discount is only to the person recruiting and at payment of the session on the first class.


1 h = 125 $
1 h 30 = 135 $
Drop-in = 20 $

Beginner II
Professional Coaching (by request, limited registration – Prices to determine)
Workshops (Prices and dates to be determined)
Private and semi-private classes

Full payment by e-Transfer (cash or cheque also accepted). Price includes taxes. 10% discount for those taking multiple classes. Students who have not paid will not be admitted to the classes; if you forget your chequebook, you can pay the drop-in rate until you pay for the session and then deduct the amount of drop-ins paid from the remaining cost of the session.

No carry over between sessions and no refunds for missed classes or session; no exceptions. Up to three (3) missed classes can be made up the same session only. If you make up a class on a different day from your usual class, you must speak to the teacher before the beginning of the class.

A minimum number of participants is required to run a session. Payment is due in full by the first class.

We ask that all students who are new to Oriental dance take at least one session of Beginner, regardless of previous experience in other dance forms, in order to learn the unique posture and movement vocabulary. Similarly, we ask all Belly dancers who are new to the Oasis to familiarize themselves with our own approach and terminology by starting in Beginner II for at least one session. Your Oasis teacher can help you determine which class you should take. Please don’t hesitate to ask for some guidance.


For those with very little or no previous experience in Oriental dance. Beginners will learn proper posture and stance, and basic technique of movements while being introduced to the beauty of Arabic music and the flow and style of Oriental dance.


Beginners II

Building on the basics learned in one or more sessions of Beginner classes, these classes will introduce additional movements as well as increasing the speed of the basic movements. Students will develop their understanding of Arabic music and will gradually dance more freely while following the teacher.



For students who have mastered the basic skills and techniques learned at Oasis Studio. Students will explore additional movements and combinations by following the teacher. Veil, finger cymbals and stick skills will be developed. A routine may be taught in addition to students developing their improvisational dancing.




For students who are seeking additional challenge to further their dance skills and continue their mastery of finger cymbals (sagat), veil, and stick (assaya) as well as various different styles (raks sharki, folkloric, classic, pop, drum solo). Students should be comfortable with improvisational dancing on their own and may be called upon to develop their own short routines. A challenging routine may be taught. Students should obtain approval from their Oasis teacher before joining this level.


Professional Coaching

For those advanced dancers who are interested in being challenged to their fullest while learning what it takes to put together a complete professional performance. Dynamic entrances and exits; components of a full performance; choosing appropriate music and costuming for your venue; understanding Arabic audiences; differences between restaurants, weddings and theatre shows; and negotiating appropriate fees for your art are but a few of the important skills a professional should possess. Class will involve short solo performances and individualized critique by Denise and/or Ahmed. Dancers must consult with Denise before taking this class. By request; limited registration.



Mini workshops targeted to various specific topics and skills in Oriental dance. Topics may range from shimmy drills, finger cymbals, stick, Isis wings, folkloric styles, beautiful arms, veil and double veil to name a few. Prices and dates to be announced.


Private and Semi-private classes

Tailored to the student's individual needs and requests, private lessons offer the benefit of personalized attention and correction for faster learning. Students may choose to work on movement technique, learn a specific prop or style, get help in the preparation of a performance, or have critique of a routine that they are developing. Timing of private lessons is subject to availability of the studio. $100/hour with Oasis teachers.



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