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Review of the May 2006 Trip

The following are excerpts from an article published in OMEDA (the Ontario Middle-Eastern Dance Association's) newsletter:

Last May, 35 eager travellers from Ottawa, Montreal, Petawawa and a few places in between were the lucky participants in the Enans' first ever tour to Egypt...

... From old Cairo's Citadel and Mohamed Ali mosque the to unparallel experience of entering the Pyramids at Giza,  to the shopping frenzy of Khan el Khalili, the group was filled with wonder no one could ever forget...

... The best part of the show was the Tannoura dancer, a whirl of colour and skill with the flying skirt...

... Upon arrival in Aswan, the group discovered yet another fascinating side to Egypt. Sailing on the Nile in an Egyptian sail boat called a felucca, the group discovered the beauty of the Nubian villages and culture.

...For three days, the group enjoyed cruising the Nile on a 5-star ship, stopping at Kom Ombo and Edfu, and passing through the lock of Esna. The group was able to  take in the sun by the pool on the top deck of the ship, and participated in special parties in the lounge during the evenings...

...Luxor held one of the best dance experiences the group could have hoped for. A living legend, Khariyya Maazin, and her family of musicians joined the cruise in Luxor for some entertainment and a class, Khariyya-style. Experiencing the vanishing Ghawazee tradition was an experience that especially touched the dancers in the group... It was truly wonderful to experience. Then a special added bonus,  Khariyya and musicians performed a surprise zeffa for a recently married couple in the group! Excitement and jubilation couldn't have been higher.

Kariyya Maazin in Luxor

After the action-packed pace of the first half of the tour, everyone enjoyed a relaxing four days at the Red Sea resort of Sharma El Sheikh. Many worked diligently on their suntans, while others took in even more shopping thrills in nearby Naama Bay...

[Sharm el Sheikh] is a true seaside playground, where you can lie in the sand, snorkel, take a glass-bottom boat ride, rent a jet-ski, swim to your hearts content, shop 'till you drop and party all night...

Most of the group choose to take the one-day optional excursion to Alexandria, where they saw the beauty of the Mediterranean town and visited impressive Fort Quaitbey and the fascinating Catacombs. At worlds oldest library, the famous Alexandria library, the group were delighted to see pictures of Ahmed on the walls in the exhibit about legendary Egyptian film director Shadi Abdel Salaam!. The beautifully laid out Alexandria National Museum, where items are artfully displayed provided much photographic inspiration.

Sunset on the Mediterranean in Alexandria

Everyone enjoyed one last day frantically scanning the shops of Khan el Khalili before packing up and heading home, tired, inspired and ready to come back again soon....


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