Bamboutaya fisherman's dance from Port Sad
Banat Ebly women's dance from the south of Egypt
Banat Sahara dance of the desert girls
Bedouin dance of the nomadic desert people of Egypt
Drum solo interaction between the percussionist and the dancer
Eskanderaya dance from the Mediterranean seaside town of Alexandria
Fellahin dance of the peasant farmers going to fill their water jugs
Ghawazee dance of Egyptian Gypsies using finger cymbals
Hagallah pre-wedding dance of North-Western desert Bedouins
Melaya Leff dance from Alexandria and the old quarters of Cairo

Modern Bellydance groupe or solo dance to modern Arabic pop music
Nuba dance of the Nubian people of the Nile region in southern Egypt
Pharaonic interpretation of a Pharaonic dance inspired by ancient Egypt
Saiidi stick dance from the south of Egypt
Shamadan candelabra dance from the old quarters of Cairo
Siwa Oasis dance of the people of Siwa Oasis in the western desert
Tannoura whirling dance with large flying skirt
Traditional Oriental group or solo dance to Arabian classic music
Veil Dance group or solo Oriental dance with veils
Zeffa wedding procession

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